"Ephemeral and typically human grimace that just maps, simply by gauge corner of the lips, the most universal, the most consoling, the most lovely sum of silent expressions of seduction......


Our smile is our best asset."

Book a consultation, we will digitally design your new smile for free.

A  conviction


25 years of experience have taught us that a curative approach to dentistry generates a significant biological cost. On the other hand, a preventive approach and, where necessary, the use of minimally invasive therapies, promotes natural mechanisms of resistance and repair. Biomimetic dentistry, also called Bio-Emulation, is based on this principle.

Our fees

As members of the SSO, we apply the DENTOTAR rate. 

The value of the point is 1.0 in our office (rate of the swiss insurances).

A  Team  Work

The complexity and diversity of biological mechanisms, techniques improvements and technological advances have led us to organize ourselves as a team, in order to maintain superior quality of care.

A Taste for sharing & teaching

Isolation makes you stagnant. Therefore, we organize and participate in many courses and conferences and this constant sharing is a guarantee of enthusiasm and progress.

Grand Rue 90

1820 Montreux

Tél: +41.(0)21.963.00.33

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