Michel is a Dentist, a specialist in orthodontics. And because prevention is always better than cure, it takes care of young children in particular and proposes approaches that promote the natural establishment of teeth, using the biological mechanisms linked to growth. Michel speaks french and english.

Carine is a dental hygienist. She is in charge of dental hygiene care, cleaning, scaling, gum care and bleaching. Carine speaks french and english.

Julie is a graduate dental assistant. She is the medical and administrative manager for the office and is also responsible for organizing courses and seminars. Julie speaks french and english.

Lory is a Psychotherapist and a Hypnotherapist. She has a private consultation in our office and also works in close collaboration with the dentists and their patients, proposing an accompaniment of medical hypnosis during the dental care (please watch the TV documentary done in our office for further informations). Lory speaks french, italian, english and portuguese. 

Gregory is Technician Dentist Federal Master's Certificate. His competence extends to all types of dental prostheses, but Grégoire is particularly involved in the latest digital developments in prosthodontics field. Grégoire speaks french and english.

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