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Dentist Montreux

For any new dental consultation, we offer you a free digital simulation of your new smile.

Competence, safety, listening and attention, our team of dentists and hygienists in Montreux has only one goal, that of reconciling you with dental care and giving you the smile you dream of. 

Dentist Montreux

“Before your intervention, I never smiled out of self-consciousness.
And then, Dr. Gerdolle who is very meticulous, reassuring, delicate, punctual and incredibly professional gave me such a magnificent smile that my complexes completely disappeared."

Murielle V.

Dentist Montreux

Dr Gerdolle reconciled me with the dentist through his very gentle and particularly careful treatment. Easy location with parking in the building and for once a dentist always on time!! I highly recommend !

Maiko O.

Dentist Montreux

My 3 children and I have been going there for years. I am completely satisfied with it. I recommend

Pit R.

A complete range of dental care:

  • dental care for adult and children

  • conservative dental care (caries, endodontics)

  • cosmetic dental care (dental whitening, composites, inlays/onlays, veneers).

  • dental prosthesis care (crowns, bridges, dental appliances)

  • gum care (dental hygienist, periodontology)

  • dental surgery care (extractions, wisdom teeth, implants)

  • hygiene control and care (scaling, dental hygienist)

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David Gerdolle

Responsible Dentist

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Julie Perren

Responsible Dental Assistant

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Carine Favre

Dental Hygienist

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Grégoire Martin

Master Dental Technician

What is non-invasive dentistry?

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Meticulousness, conviction, experience


More than 25 years of experience have taught us that a curative approach to dentistry generates a significant biological cost. Conversely, an approach that is primarily preventive and uses, if necessary, minimally invasive therapies, promotes natural resistance and repair mechanisms, while reducing the cost of dental treatments.  Biomimetic dentistry, also called Bio-Emulation, is based on this principle. 

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Why choose 
our  Cabinet?

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  • home on appointment and urgently

  • of the modern and warm premises 

  • technical equipment constantly renewed 

  • strict hygiene meeting  SwissMedic standards

  • easy access (elevators, public parking in the building, public transport 3 minutes walk)

  • an eco-responsible practice (Greenviu label)

bleaching, aesthetic dentistry, whitening, dental aesthetics, stain, white spot, broken tooth, composite, ceramic veneer, ceramic
bleaching, aesthetic dentistry, blanchiment, esthétique dentaire, tâche, white spot, broken tooth, composite, ceramic veneer, ceramic


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90s  for  understand what dental veneer mean:

A team at your service


The complexity and diversity of biological mechanisms, technical progress and technological advances have led us to organize ourselves as a team, in order to maintain a superior quality of care.

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What is adhesive dentistry?

Le goût du partage et de l'enseignement

S'isoler c'est stagner. Nous organisons et participons à de nombreux cours et conférences et ce partage constant est un gage d'enthousiasme et de progrès constants. le Dr Gerdolle a publié plus de 50 articles dans la littérature médicale internationale et a donné plus de 300 cours et conférences dans le monde.

Le Dr Gerdolle est également enseignant dans plusieurs Universités européennes dans le domaine de la dentisterie micro-invasive. 

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An eco-responsible practice

Our practice is a member of Greenviu, The Green Clinic Society and is committed to sustainable healthcare.

Greenviu is a global community of doctors, dentists, physical therapists, dental technicians and other healthcare providers whose mission is to reduce the environmental footprint of the healthcare industry based on science-based standards.

Our prices

As members of the SSO, we apply DENTOTAR pricing. The point value is1.1 in our office. Do not fear any unpleasant surprises, before any dental treatment, a detailed estimate will be given to you!

And because we believe that dental care should be accessible to as many people as possible, we set up installment financing plans upon request, which can extend up to 24 months without charge. 

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