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Depending on the location, the courses and the hands-on are given in french, english or spanish.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our schedule is still pending. We will keep you posted as soon as possible. 


Les secrets de l'isolation 

Groupe Raphael formation...

We give the dentist and his(er) nurse the opportunity to share our everyday life in the office. Participants will attend to the care provided by David Gerdolle and his assistant to everyday patients, all the cases being carried out on fee paying patients within normal...

Nous donnons l’opportunité au dentiste et à son assistante de partager notre quotidien au cabinet, en assistant aux soins prodigués par David Gerdolle et son assistante à des patients du quotidien, soignés dans des conditions de temps et de rentabilité habituels d’un e...

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